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Nauman Muhammad  巴基斯坦  计算机科学与技术  2019级
My name is Nauman Muhammad and I'm from Pakistan. it's been 1 and half year that I'm studying in Shandong technology and business university at the department of Computer science and technology. Our teachers made plan for international students to visit to the biggest company in Yantai called Wisdom electronic company. This company is also having branches in the other developed cities of China. So on the 20th November in the morning  we went to the company. First of all they happily welcomed to us then there were three persons who were in charge to us by the company. They showed us the whole company building after that they start showing us the real work places where the Engineers and workers were making meters and other many kinda  electronic machines . At the same time They were also explaining everything to us that how these things works in the real world then they were also giving us time to ask questions from them. We asked too many questions and they answered our questions with practical work which is really helpful for our future. They motivated us to study hard now and don't think about internships or any kinda work and in the future we will help you to get internship and job. We really appreciate their kindness and generosity. We Hope to work in such a company where people teaches you and work as a team for the development of China and also our own country. I'm really thankful to our teachers for this trip that there students should get some real life work experience.
Wafa Ahmad  巴基斯坦  国际贸易  2019级
It was a very unique experience to see the internal mechanisms of the company. They both offered insight into different methods of company culture and evolution.  However, I would say my favorite part of learning about companies was the working process of the machines . They offered many insightful pieces of advice. It was inspiring that they showed us all new technologies and they gave us every little details about it .
I would like to thank my teachers and the company people who gave this opportunity to us.

MD MASUM  孟加拉  电气工程及自动化  2019级
We got on a bus from our university at 8:15 AM on Friday for visit Yantai Dongfang Wisdom Electric C0.Ltd. When we went there, the senior officer told us that Welcome to our company. After that they showed us their products they made and they told us about their products details and they also told us they have made 40 kinds of products. I learned a lot because I am a student of electrical engineering and automation. And the thing I liked most it was the automation of robots and and they explain the details of what this device is working on. I thank this company very much, and also thank my university’s teachers for allowing us to join such a learning program.

Shayel Parvez Shams  孟加拉   计算机科学与技术专业  2018级
The first step in the company visit was really wonderful. I always want to go into the company visits for a good understanding of what the company does and how they run their business and how do they are trying to develop the world market.
For me, company visits were one of the most memorable parts of the trip. I remember almost everything I learned from company and It is truly fulfilling to be able to talk about and sharing thoughts about Chinese company that it is full of digital technology, every single step are in regulations and are in touching with innovation.
A good strategy is to utilize advanced technology of China. As they said, they can produce such kind of device what consumers want from them. And I am glad to hear about the proposal that after graduation we are welcomed to work with their company, also for business. And I am also looking forward to implement my dream in China.

Sadaf Ahmad  巴基斯坦  计算机科学与技术  2019级
It was interesting for me, because it was my first experience of visiting a company. The visit exposed me to the many different interlocking parts of a company and expanded my view as to what I could do with my degree and further plans for future. Overall, it was an amazing experience in an amazing city Yantai and I am so grateful to the teachers and company who offered us opportunity like this!



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